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Hi, I'm Alison Hughes

Here's a little about my background.

I began my Yoga journey in 2004, when I was searching for natural therapies to assist me in coping with the challenges of living with chronic pain. I will be forever grateful to have found Dru Yoga.

I have enjoyed teaching since 2008 in various settings, including Health Clubs, the NHS, Mental Health Charites and Colleges in Glasgow. 

Since moving to the beautiful village of Symington in 2013, I enjoy teaching weekly classes and weekend workshops in the village hall, as well as online. It is my passion to help others improve their quality of life physically, mentally and emotionally, as this is what my Yoga and Qigong practice has done for me.

My classes are suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Aum Shanti,

Alison x

About Our Classes

Qigong Yoga Flow classes are a fusion of
Dru Yoga, Gentle Somatic Yoga & Qigong


Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga is based on gentle flowing movements, directed breathing, visualisation and affirmations. Energy Block Release Sequences have been carefully designed to release tension in every part of the body, rejuvenating your whole being.


Gentle Somatic Yoga®

Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is a science based, heart-centred, and whole body approach for deep self-care and self-healing. For many people this easily accessible method is ideal for letting go of persistent stress-based patterns of pain, stiffness, and postural imbalances.



Qigong (pronounced chi gong) literally means "life energy work". It is a system of self healing that combines slow, gentle movements with breath and mindfulness, to encourage free flow of Qi through our meridians (energy pathways).

Class Schedule

Symington Community Hall, Ayrshire

10.30 till 11.45 am
£35 per 4 week month
or £10 per class

Virtual Group Class via Zoom
(Recordings available to Purchase if unable to attend live)

10.30 till 11.45 am
£35 per 4 week month
or £10 per class

Yoga Mat and Straps

Personalised Session’s


For an individually tailored plan, schedule a 1:1 appointment with Alison.

Sessions available in Symington or online via Zoom.

Investment £60 


Workshops & Retreats

Workshops and Day Retreats at beautiful locations in Ayrshire 

For full info and booking link, please click below;


The combination of Alison’s energy,

enthusiasm and dedication to her classes will motivate, inspire and energise you.

Classes are well organised and accommodate everyone, allowing each person to work at their own level of flexibility.

Alison's knowledge and teaching will give you a sense of general wellbeing and positivity.

Alison Alan - Prestwick


Training & Qualifications

2005-2009, Dru Yoga Teacher Diploma, International School of Dru Yoga
2007-2008, Diploma in Holistic Therapies, Cardonald College
2008, Diploma in Non Medical Nutritional Advice, Cardonald College
2016-2019, One to One Qigong Training, Donald MacInnes
2020 - March 2021 Qigong Teacher Certificate, Holden Qigong
April 2021 - Gentle Somatic Yoga Teacher Certificate, James Knight
September 2021 - Pain Care Aware Teacher Certificate, Neil Pearson and Swami Lisa
November 2021 - Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate, Yogi Kaivalyananda
August 2022 - The Chronic Pain Breakup Method, backed by Neuroscience, Alissa Wolfe

March 2023  - Dru Breath Coach Certificate, International School of Dru Yoga


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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